Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds


Fennel is an important magical herb that has been used for centuries.  It can be used internally as a tea or sprigs can be carried on the person in sachets or charms for clairvoyance, longevity, fertility, healing, love, purification, and strength.  It is also used in this manner to prevent negativity and provide protection from harmful spells.   In spells, Fennel can be used alone or with other like herbs for courage, divination, cleansing, strength, energy, meditation, virility, psychic protection. Hung in doorways or windows, Fennel protects from evil and sorcery, and placed in keyholes, it protects against the spirits of the dead.  Grown around the outside of the home, Fennel provides protection from evil influences and negativity.


For magical use only, not to be taken internally.


Approximately 22g per pack


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