Firelight & Woodsmoke - Claude Michelet

Firelight & Woodsmoke - Claude Michelet


Fireside & Woodsmoke - Claude Michelet


For young Pierre-Edouard Vialhe, the dawn of the twentieth century heralds new and exciting changes. Even the remote Limousin village of Saint-Liberal feels the impact of the railways, new agricultural machines, new ideas...


But to his father, these changes threaten the whole patriachal system he embodies. And, as Pierre-Edouard and his sisters grow up, the rift between the generations widens. First Lousie shocks the village by eloping, then Pierre-Edouard quarrels bitterly with his father and leaves.


The madness of 1914 puts the family's problems in perspective. But just when reconciliation seems possible, Pierre-Edouard meets Mathilde Dupeuch - from a family his father destests. Even is it survives the tempest of war and change, will he every return to his beloved land?