5 Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans

5 Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans

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Wholesale 5 Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans (Book) by Cerridwen Greenleaf

Information 144 pages, paperback.

About the Book: 

5-Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans is the essential spell book for the busy modern witch, including spells for every day of the week, practical magic for prosperity, rites for romance and love, candle and crystal curatives, sacred space suggestions, and much more. You will discover...

Ways to turn your luck around in 5 minutes or less

Which moon phases and sun sign will guide new love to you

Secrets for stress-reduction and energy management

Fast-acting herbal approaches for healing in a hurry

Manifestation magic for prosperity, security, and joy

Easy enchantments for all of life's occasions

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