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Crystal Classics

Blue Lace Agate

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Gemstone Family - Quartz

Chakras - Throat (5th), Brow (6th)

Colour - Blue with soft white banding

Found in - Germany (Idar-Oberstein area), Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico and Scotland

Element - Associated with Earth

Also known as - "Protector of Children"

Meaning - Agate is named after the Achates River (now known as the Dirillo River) on the island of Sicily, Italy, whose upper waters were an ancient source of this gemstone.

Birthstone - Month Not a traditional birthstone

Zodiac Sign - Gemini

Chemical Composition - SiO2

Hardness on the Mohs scale - 7 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest)

Physical Healing Properties - Enhances mental activity by improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. Agate can stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis when placed on the abdomen.

Emotional Healing Properties - Promoting self-acceptance and confidence, Agate overcomes negativity and harshness of the heart, by healing anger, encouraging love, and giving the courage to start over. It is a very useful stone for any kind of trauma.

Spiritual Properties - This stone encourages a quiet contemplation of one's life experiences that lead to spiritual growth and inner stability.

Legend has it that... The wearing of Agate was believed to be a cure for insomnia and was thought to induce pleasant dreams. Agate is said to have the power to protect the wearer from danger and to protect children  from falling.