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Crystal Classics

Emerald Tumblestone

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Gemstone Family - Beryl

Chakras - Heart (4th)

Colour - Green

Found in - India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Egypt, Austria

Element Associated with - Earth

Also known as - The "Stone Of Successful Love"

Meaning - Clear Vision, Rebirth, Youth

Birthstone Month - May

Zodiac Sign - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

Chemical Composition - Be3Al2(SiO3)6

Hardness on the Mohs scale - 7.5-8(1 being softest, 10 being hardest)

Physical Healing Properties - Said to strengthen memory, impart mental clarity and broaden vision. Also said to treat heart and lung isuses.

Emotional Healing Properties - Said to bring patience and inspiration this stone assists with partnerships, relationships and balance. If it changes colour it is said to signal unfaithfulness.

Spiritual Properties - Opens up clairvoyance skills and stimulates the greater use of our mental abilities and focus.

Legend has it that... Ancient Egyptian mummies were often buried with an Emerald carved in the symbol of verdure – flourishing greenness – on their necks to symbolise eternal youth.