Milk Thistle Seeds 33g

Milk Thistle Seeds 33g

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Magical Uses:  Milk Thistle Seeds is a good herb to use for protection, hang sachets in the home or carry with you for this purpose, carrying it with you in a sachet also gives strength and vitality. Milk thistle is also a herb to use for all healing Spells and magical workings especially those for relieving depression and driving away melancholy.

Another of Milk Thistle's magical uses is in Spells for hex breaking and exorcism. Use in any Spells where you are the target of negative energies or carry with you in a poppet or sachet to break Spells and hexes cast against you. Use also in Spells for banishing and to break bad habits, it's a good addition to incenses for this.


Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Powers: Protection, hex-breaking, strength, healing and exorcism.

Sign: Aries


For magical use only, not to be taken internally.


Approximately 33g per pack

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