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The Astrology Bible by Judy Hall

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For thousands of years astrology has helped people choose the right path in life, understand themselves better, find love, choose a career, and make crucial decisions. Millions of people who read their daily horoscopes in a magazine or newspaper would like to understand astrology better. This comprehensive, illustrated guide to traditional and modern astrology can help readers use astrology for personal growth and guidance in every aspect of life. Readers will learn to find the perfect gift for a particular sign, identify the career that fits their astrological personality, understand the effects of an eclipse, learn how to live in harmony with a particular zodiac partner, and discover how astrology can sound a timely warning about health and indicate appropriate healing methods. Written by one of the most popular contemporary astrologers, this is a must-have reference - a perfect introduction for the novice and a valuable guide for the expert astrologer. 

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