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Uses: Health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love, purification and courage.
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Sign: Gemini
Thyme has a wide variety of magical uses so is one to always keep stock of in your Witch's cabinet. It is a very good herb to use in any healing Spells and workings. Add to incense blends for healing to attract good health or carry with you in a pouch for this purpose. It can be used also in incense blends for purification and cleansing your home and to draw love and peace in. It can be added to sleep pillows with Lavender or place alone in a pouch beneath your pillow to ensure a restful night’s sleep free of nightmares. Carry thyme with you to help develop psychic powers or to give courage and energy when smelled. To help you release the past, make an infusion of thyme in boiled water and add to your bath water.
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