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Woodland Herbs

Oak Bark 25g

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Masculine – Fire – Sun

Magickal Properties:

Fertility – Healing – Health – Luck – Money – Potency – Protection

Associated Deities:

Cybele – Dagda – Dianus – Hecate – Janus – Jupiter – Pan – Thor – Zeus

-White Oak Bark herb can be used to represent the Oak King in Yule and Litha rituals.

-Include it in protection sachets and amulets.

-Consider mixing it with other masculine-Fire-Sun herbs as powerful “GOD” burnt offering or incense.

-Infuse it in the sacred waters of the chalice when working with Divine Masculine.

-Infuse an oil with a mix of Oak Bark and other Divine Masculine associated herbs to anoint the male figure in the Divine Right.

For magical purposes only, please do not ingest